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Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall

Connect and protect your people and their data throughout your enterprise network.

Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) connects and protects people and the data they use throughout the Enterprise network – all with the greatest efficiency, availability and security. Trusted by thousands of customers around the world, Forcepoint network security solutions enable businesses, government agencies and other organisations to address critical issues efficiently and economically.

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Operating efficiency that cuts your TCO burden

Forcepoint is designed specifically to cut the complexity and time needed to get your network running smoothly and securely
and keep it there. Overburdened network operation teams consistently have to deal with deploying new firewalls, monitoring
network activity, updating policies, upgrading software and responding to incidents. Forcepoint NGFW Security Management
Centre (SMC) can configure, monitor and update up to 2000 Forcepoint appliances – physical, virtual, and cloud – all from a
single pane of glass.


Save time and money by deploying
Forcepoint NGFW to remote offices
and branch locations without an onsite
technician. Devices can
automatically download the initial
configuration from Forcepoint’s
Installation Cloud, eliminating the
need for manual setup.

Smart Policies, 1-Click

Forcepoint’s Smart Policies express
your business processes in familiar
terms such as: users, applications,
locations and more. Easy grouping
replaces hardcoded values, enabling
policies to be dynamically reused
throughout your network.
Administrators can quickly update
and publish policies to all affected
firewalls, globally and with a single

Faster Incident

Forcepoint SMC makes it easy to
visualise and analyse what’s
happening throughout your network.
Network admins can interactively
drill into the corresponding data to
rapidly investigate patterns and
anomalies and turn insight into
immediate actions.

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Unrivaled security that slashes theft, not performance.

High availability that
eliminates network
downtime .

Forcepoint NGFW is designed from the ground-up to always stay
on, even when bad things happen. Resilience (the ability to handle
machine’s going off or cables getting cut) is built-in at every level:
firewalls, networks and management. Forcepoint NGFW eliminates
downtime to improve your business continuity and keep the
business running smoothly.

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