Ransomware sets its sights on IOT/OT

Operational technologies may enhance efficiencies, but the downside of increasing IOT deployments in field networks is that OT/IOT are increasingly at risk of ransomware and other cyber attacks. This is according to Tumi Masobe, Business Development Manager at Nozomi Networks distributor Axiz, who says ransomware attacks can not only cost companies money and lose business, [...]

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The Axiz platform value proposition for SMEs in eight articles

Who is responsible for acquiring new business in your company? Who takes care of customers after they have purchased goods or services from you? Even though customers make up the core of every organisation, astoundingly few businesses offer some form of integrated customer experience. Most technology channel companies still operate with a transactional approach: Sell [...]

2021-12-17T09:57:35+00:00December 17th, 2021|News|

Connecting SMEs with vendors

The demand for using SME channel providers is unprecedented. Recognising that small, micro and medium businesses are key drivers for growth, various sectors emphasise using SME providers. For example, public sector procurement guidelines expect that at least 30% of available opportunities reach SMEs. Many technology vendors are ardent supporters of this pipeline and run various [...]

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Have yourself a safe and productive little festive season

New features and integrations in Microsoft 365 and Office 2021 have made it easier than ever to enjoy safe remote end-of-year parties, collaborate conveniently and get work done faster. So says Charity Mtshali, Microsoft product manager at Axiz, who believes the updated Microsoft 365 and Office 2021 are gifts that keep on giving in terms [...]

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Zero trust key for success as cyber resilience tops the agenda for 2022

Cyber resilience has become critical for organisations across South Africa and around the world, and emerging trends point to organisations investing in achieving resilience as a top priority in the year ahead. This is according to Tumi Masobe, Business Development Manager at Keysight distributor Axiz, who says several key cyber resilience and cyber security trends [...]

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If Lenovo can rev up Ducati, imagine what it can do for business

The Ducati Motor Holding company is using a Lenovo High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure to innovate faster and make the design process almost as fast as their motorcycles, illustrating that speed and compute power are crucial for competitiveness in any sector. Ducati’s urbane sporting director, Paulo Ciabatti, says: "It’s a partnership not only about displaying [...]

2021-12-09T12:18:12+00:00December 9th, 2021|News|

How SMME partners can offer vendor services

Hardware remains a key part of what resellers provide to the market. Whether it’s a server, a network switch or an end-user device, hardware is how we access digital technology’s power. Yet hardware procurement is not about box-dropping. They offer resellers the opportunity to create long-term engagement with customers and establish ongoing income streams through [...]

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Putting lean management tools into the hands of the entire team

Lean management, a model for continuous improvement, is more important now than ever before, but few organisations are equipped to embrace the model effectively without assistance. This is according to Charity Mtshali, product manager for Corel MindManager at Axiz, who says organisations are looking to adopt lean management approaches to create value and optimise returns. [...]

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Micro Focus, Axiz announce skills development initiative

Twenty unemployed graduates from diverse backgrounds are the beneficiaries of a three-year intensive skills development graduate programme offered by Micro Focus SA in collaboration with Axiz. At last week’s official launch of the graduate programme in Midrand, the two organisations introduced 10 of the beneficiaries. Not only will the graduates be upskilled, they’ll also receive [...]

2021-12-03T05:10:52+00:00December 2nd, 2021|News|

Supporting SMMEs as crucial technology delivery partners

SMMEs represent 90% of global businesses and employ over half of workforces. According to the World Bank, formal SMMEs contribute up to 40% of national income (GDP) in emerging economies – and much more when one includes informal SMMEs. If we want to grow our economy, we must support small, medium and micro-enterprises. It's both [...]

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